Terms & Conditions

Please read and understand it before registering for the oasistuitionbureau.com by registering you accept my terms and conditions otherwise you unable to use this site.

Terms and condions for Tutors:

  • A tutor warrants that he is of at least 20 years of age has the necessary qualification and/or experience to provide tuition in the subjects specified by the tutor on the websiste.
  • Foster tuition bureau will take all the reasonable precautions to keep the details of the tutor secure will not be liable for unauthorized access to the information provided by Tutors.
  • Any profile created showing irrelevant political, illegal and porn intrest will not be accepted in any condition.
  • A tutor and student will accept full responsibility for the price quoted for their service on the website and for collection of all fees due to the tutor from any students.
  • A tutor and student accepts full responsibility for all information published by him on the website and shall indemnify Foster tuition bureau in relation to any liability incurred by then as a result of such information.
  • The members(tutors and students) acknowledge that Foster tuition bureau may use data for statistical analysis.
  • Memembers agree not to impersonate any other person entity or to use a false name or a name that they have no authority to use.
  • Foster tuition bureau does not guarantee to secure a tutor for a student or fix-up any tuition fee on behalf of any tutor or student. We do not provide any guarantee of the number of total enquires/ business which a tutor or students will receive during their subscription priod.
  • The tutor profile must contain with tutor's latest photograph,latest updated Resume,present residing address and valid personal mobile mumber. E-mail ID. The tutor warrant that his/her E-mail, mobile numbers and contact details are valid.
  • The subscription charges are min. 500/- to max 1000/- on the selected categories and valid up to one year or maximum 20 tuition contact details. The subscription charges are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • A subscribed tutor can modify/edit tutoring level.
  • If a subscribed tutor is not responding to the call/sms/Email alerts from Foster tuition bureau or students/ parents,then the tutor profile will get blocked with/without prior notice.
  • Tutors has to check the opening tuition location throughly with displayed google map and tuition class/syllabus and timing before sending request on the students profile.
  • Foster tuition bureau never involes int finalizing the tuition fees and collecting percentage from the subscribed tutors, subscribed tutors can speak to the students/parents directly and can fix the tuition fee.
  • Tutor can send request maximum 15 tuitions with in the subscription period. Tutor do not send requests more than 3 or for a day and more than 15 for a subscription periods.
  • The tutor's mobile must be switched off at the time of tuiton/demo session tutor do not waste time by discussing personal matters and his/her future career plan etc. with the students/parents.
  • Foster tuition bureau never meet any tutor personally to collect the subscription fees or discuss on tuition jobs. Tutors has to follow the the website and use its online payment options for the subscriptions and check the opening tuitions list and contact the student/oarents,OTS may not respond to the tutor's calls,tutors should use on line support from their profile if they have any quires.
  • Tutors academics/tutorials/home tuitions consultances/jobs consultances are not allowed to register with us. If we found a student profile belongs to then we block immediately without intimation.
  • . Foster tuition bureau solely reserves the right to revise or change the subscription and conect rates without any prior notification and refunds will be given as the description of the company managements.
  • Foster tuition bureau reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time without any prior notification.

Terms and condions for Students:

  • Students can register at "Foster tuition bureau" Basic registration is free for the same and will not allow to speak to the tutors directly.
  • Students has to be subscribed to speak the tutors directly. The subscription charges are min 200/- max 500/- based on the slected catagories and its valid up to 6 months from the date of subscription.
  • The subscriptions charges are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • A subscribed student can contact the tutors directly and invite them to conduct a free demo class. A tutor will conduct only 1 or maximum 2 free demo classes. After the demo class students/parent to be informed to the tutor as confirmed or rejected/ not interested.
  • A students can speak/request maximum 5 tutors per day,student profile will be displayed in opening position board up to 1 week or 5 tutor requests after receiving 5 tutor requests from the tutor's tuition position will be closed.
  • Foster tuition bureau never involves into finalizing a tutor to a subscribed student. Foster tuition bureau allowing the subscribed students/parents to contact to them directly. Foster tuition bureau also not responsible if any tutor is not responding to the student calls.
  • Foster tuition bureau never involves into finalizing the tuition fees and collecting percentage from the tutors. Subscribed students/parents can speak to the tutors directly and can fix the tution fee.
  • Students/parents do not pay any advances to the selected tutor initially Foster tuition bureau is not responsible if the tutor is not returning back after taking the advance.
  • Both student and tutor can ask to verify each other's address and residents between them.
  • Foster tuition bureau reserves all the rights to change all or any of these above mentioned terms and conditions with or without giving any prior notice.